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Back on Track Horseback warmer Royal Black 80x105cm

Image of Back on Track Horseback warmer Royal Black 80x105cm
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The Royal backrest is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit. It covers the important muscles in the back, loins and around the sacrum without creases. The back heater is used for tension, stiffness or pain. For preventive use, place the backrest on the back before and after the competitions and training sessions. To be used with an elastic blanking and / or a separately available chestpiece. The back warmer has Velcro along the entire back to attach in another blanket. Under Back on Track products, horses do not sweat excessively. For more information on how Back on Track works click on the Welltex® logo.


The Horseback Warmer covers the important muscles of the back, lumbar region and around the breast. The back warmer is intended for use in order to achieve a more supple back or if the horse has a localised problem in its back musculature or where the quarter muscles origin. It is excellent as a preventative measure against injury if you apply the back warmer before and during competition and exercise sessions.  

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Brand: Back on Track
  • 7340041110713
Color: Black


Back on Track Horseback warmer Royal Black 80x105cm